About Us

Welcome to Thrifty Budgeter

Thrifty Budgeter is a personal finance blog with a focus on budgeting at its core. Along the way I will be sharing my thoughts on budgeting, saving, debt, and various other topics. One thing I won’t be doing is talking about how I was able to payoff astronomical debt in a matter of weeks/months. That is not what this site is about. 

I believe in living with financial discipline and taking responsibility for our actions.

Thrifty Budgeter is your one stop resource for all things budgeting and personal finance. 

Vision: To become the ultimate resource for people looking for help with taking control of their finances.

Mission: Promote the power of budgeting.


  • Make an impact
  • Build trust
  • Be positive

About Me

I am Mr. Thrifty Budgeter. I am an accountant and a finance blogger. I have a Masters in Economics and a Masters in Financial Management.

I will be sharing the knowledge I have gained through my personal life, education, and work experience.